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A Social Enterprise where Deaf People Work, Thrive and Prosper

On Any Keepsake Theme Quilts, Blankets, or Pillows!
Expires: June 30, 2018


We Make Quilts Out Of Your Most Memorable T-Shirts!

You Make The Memories We Make The Quilt!!!

We will Create a Custom T-Shirt Quilt that Will Exceed Your Expectations.
Help Support the Deaf Community and receive a Keepsake that will be cherished by You and Your Family for many Years to Come.

– One of a Kind!
– Superior Workmanship
– 100% Made in America

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Outstanding Quality and Exceptional Customer Service

  • “Guys – don’t worry about diamonds! Get her a memory that really matters! Your service and product are outstanding. Keep up the wonderful work. MADE in AMERICA too!”
    – Tim M.
  • “I love my Keepsake Theme Quilts so much that I make my bed now every morning.
    I haven’t made my bed in 50 years!”
  • “I couldn’t be more pleased with your company and the way you do your business.
    It was a pleasure and I won’t hesitate to refer for all sorts of reasons and occasions!”
    -Melissa C.
  • “This quilt is amazing! I picked your company because of the social mission, but the quality is OUTSTANDING! This quilt far exceeded my expectations!
    I can’t wait to order another!”
    -Helaina S.
  • “I love the social mission of this company but more importantly, the quilts that are made are beautiful and the customer service was top notch – even for this nervous mom!”
    -Lillian O.
  • “The quilt is more beautiful than we could have imagined.
    – Catherine G.
  • “What an amazing job! You cannot go wrong there –
    the product, quality and great company to work with.”
    – Jennifer L.
  • “You under promised and over delivered! Absolutely perfect quilt I’ll cherish it forever. Thank you!”
    – Renee M.
Keepsake T-Shirt Quilts
keepsake theme quilts

Our Premium Brand

Includes sashing fabric between squares, embroidery message, and many custom options
3-4 week turnaround time
3 layers, machine quilted
We use 100% cotton and flannel materials
Prices start at $250
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The college-bound kid with his quilt!”

–  Marla F.

T-Shirt Project
t-shirt project

Our Starter Brand

Perfect for Students and Young Professionals
Streamlined blanket using t-shirts/sweatshirts only
2 week turnaround time
2 layers, hand tied
We use 100% polyester fleece
Prices start at $99
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Our Adorable Brand
One-of-a-kind adorable keepsake
4 week turnaround time
Expertly made

Prices start at $299
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T-Shirt Quilts

You make the memories, we make the quilt.