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You make the memories,
we make the quilts.

Custom Handmade Quilts, Blankets, Pillows, & Baby Keepsakes

Take your souvenir t-shirts, sweatshirts, uniform or clothes and turn them into a quilt, blanket or pillow made to last a lifetime!

We've got you covered. Click to view our size and pricing chart.

T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Blankets

T-Shirt Pillows

T-Shirt Quilts

  • Our Premium Brand
  • Price includes with or without sashing. Sashing is fabric between squares
  • Price includes embroidery message
  • Many custom options available
  • 3-4 week turnaround time
  • 3 layers, machine quilted
  • We use 100% cotton and flannel materials

T-Shirt Blankets

  • Our Starter Brand
  • Perfect for Students and Young Professionals
  • Streamlined blanket using t-shirts/sweatshirts only
  • 2 week turnaround time
  • 2 layers, hand tied
  • We use 100% polyester fleece

T-Shirt Pillows

  • 18″ Pillow, with or without border
  • Use a t-shirt, sweatshirt or photo
  • Extra charge for photo pillow
  • Customize with embroidery and ILY hand at no charge
  • We use 100% cotton, flannel or polyester fleece materials

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Creating your Quilt, Blanket or Pillow is easy to do!

Outstanding Quality And Exceptional Customer Service: Every Time

Ordering is easy, with just 3 steps to turn your t-shirts into a treasured Keepsake made to last.

A few minutes to order and a lifetime to enjoy.

Choose Your Size

Arrange the t-shirts any way you'd like. Choose the product, fabric and colors you want. Include any options or special features like sashing or blocks. Visit our Shopping Guide to learn more about order options.

Pack and Mail Your Shirts

Print out your packing guide and include them with the shirts in a box that fits your shirts. Be sure to track and insure your package to protect them during transit.

Receive Progress Updates

We provide you with photos and updates on the status of your order during production. We produce most orders in 3-4 weeks and always do our best to have gifts ready in time for the day of the special occasion.

Enjoy a lifetime of memories

Whether you're ordering a keepsake for yourself or giving one as a gift, you're sure to enjoy a lifetime of memories. All of our Quilts, Blankets and Pillows are made with the highest quality fabrics and processes.

Don’t take our word for it.
Hear what our customers say about us!

Mike Spicuzza

Rated 5 stars


I had many shirts that or better display then Warren and they did superseded my expectations of it and the warmth when it got cold! 🥶 The process was flawless influence and was actually very fast considering it was before Christmas. #1. A>++. My father is going to make a similar quote with his fire shirt so I think that is pretty cool!

Jouliene Herselman

Rated 5 stars


This was our second quilt from KTQ. Always impressed by the professionalism, constant communication during the whole process and excellent craftsmanship. My daughter’s quilt turned out beautifully, a precious collage of her favorite High School memories. Will always refer anyone who asks to KTQ. This specific initiative lies close to our hearts and we are proud to support KTQ, now and in the future. Thanks again for your all your hard work in creating art out of memories. You are very much appreciated.

Terri Capello

Rated 5 stars


I had a T-shirt quilt made with vacation t-shirts. This company is wonderful! Great communication, quality products and pleasant staff! I will be back to have another quilt made in the near future. Thanks for all your hard work!! I love my quilt!

Jason Briggs

Rated 5 stars


I have had three t-shirt quilts (two queen-sized and one king-sized) made by the Keepsake Theme Quilt group. All three are fabulous. I’ve had them made from various concert t-shirts I’ve collected over the years. The one in the picture is the most recent one (king size) which is gorgeous. The combination of the quality of the quilts coupled with the social causes driving the organization reinforces my gratitude and appreciation for these quilts. My wife, while she doesn’t share my sickness for concert t-shirts, has also grown to appreciate these quilts and has taken some over… We’re both delighted and couldn’t recommend them more.

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