We Make Quilts Out Of Your
Most Memorable T-Shirts!

You Make The Memories We Make The Quilt!!

We will Create a Custom T-Shirt Quilt that Will Exceed Your Expectations.
Help Support the Deaf Community and receive a Keepsake that will be cherished by You and Your Family for many Years to Come.

  • One of a Kind!
  • Superior Workmanship
  • 100% Made in America

T-Shirt Quilts


Keepsake Theme Quilts

Our Premium Brand
Prices Start at $250
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Baby Keepsake

Our Adorable Brand
Prices start at $249
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Mini Memories

Mini Memories

Prices start at $39
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Outstanding Quality and Exceptional Customer Service

  • “I love my Keepsake Theme Quilts so much that I make my bed now every morning.
    I haven’t made my bed in 50 years!”
  • “I couldn’t be more pleased with your company and the way you do your business.
    It was a pleasure and I won’t hesitate to refer for all sorts of reasons and occasions!”
    -Melissa C.
  • “This quilt is amazing! I picked your company because of the social mission, but the quality is OUTSTANDING! This quilt far exceeded my expectations!
    I can’t wait to order another!”
    -Helaina S.
  • “I love the social mission of this company but more importantly, the quilts that are made are beautiful and the customer service was top notch – even for this nervous mom!”
    -Lillian O.
  • “The quilt is more beautiful than we could have imagined.
    – Catherine G.
  • “What an amazing job! You cannot go wrong there –
    the product, quality and great company to work with.”
    – Jennifer L.
  • “You under promised and over delivered! Absolutely perfect quilt I’ll cherish it forever. Thank you!”
    – Renee M.
Keepsake T-Shirt Quilts
keepsake theme quilts

Our Premium Brand

Includes sashing fabric between squares, embroidery message, and many custom options
4-5 week turnaround time
3 layers, machine quilted
We use 100% cotton and flannel materials
Prices start at $250
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The college-bound kid with his quilt!”

–  Marla F.

Our Adorable Brand
One-of-a-kind adorable keepsake
4 week turnaround time
Expertly made

Prices start at $249
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T-Shirt Project
t-shirt project

Our Value Brand

Streamlined blanket using t-shirts/sweatshirts only
2 week turnaround time
2 layers, hand tied
We use 100% polyester fleece
Prices start at $99
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T-Shirt Quilts

You make the memories, we make the quilt.

Kenya Swain
Kenya Swain

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I had been telling myself that I was going to make a t-shirt quilt for over a year now. The shirts just set there and I kept telling myself the lie. I finally admitted that I did not have the time and began looking for someone who could do it for me.

I did a search online, and found this company. The price looked great and I was intrigued by the company's social mission. I recently received my completed quilt was so overjoyed that I almost cried. I sent them a collection of t-shirts that tell the story of my daughter's journey through high school (girl scouts, theater club, etc) and they returned a quilt that will keep the memories alive for years to come. I can't wait for my daughter to see it.

J Pfile
J Pfile

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

This organization is top notch! I've purchased two quilts from them. Each of them were graduation gifts for my daughters. It's a great keepsake! They are a very customer oriented organization. If something isn't quite the way you wanted it, they will make it right. They want to please the customer. You won't be disappointed.
Thank you for your hard work!

Jill Aileen
Jill Aileen

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I don't regret waiting this long to be able to have this quilt be made. When it finally arrived... I just cried... It brought sooooo many memories and I'll always be forever grateful for this! I KNOW, I'll be back one day to order another one in a heartbeat!!!! Thanks so MUCH!!!!!