FAQ – TShirt Quilts

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Keepsake Theme Quilt customers think about their tshirt quilts?

Our customers LOVE their quilts! Customers often contact us to let us know how thrilled they are with their t shirt quilts. We send each customer a survey after their order has been shipped and the responses are always positive. In fact most customers say their T shirt quilt exceeded their expectations. Check out our ‘Testimonials’ tab to read customer comments.

How does our pricing work?

OUR PRICING IS ALL INCLUSIVE! Please visit our ‘Sizes & Prices’ tab for details.

Our prices include:

  • High quality cotton and flannel fabrics for your one-of-a-kind T-shirt quilt’s sashing, backing and binding.
  • All materials
  • Custom machine quilting
  • Personalized embroidery to commemorate your t-shirt quilt.

No other Quilt company offers all that we do for our all-in-one great price!

How do I order my T-Shirt Quilt?

You can order online by clicking our ‘Shop’ tab, or by printing an order form. For step by step instructions, please click here.

What is a square?

A standard square is 15 inches on all sides. A square can be made from the back, front, or both sides of a t shirt, sweatshirt, jersey, etc. It can also contain anything you want us to sew onto a 15 inch blank square, such as sweat pants, jackets, boxer shorts, towels, etc.

What is sashing?

Sashing shows as a 2.5 inch border around every shirt on the front of the T-shirt quilt. Sashing especially enhances a tee-shirt quilt when many of the tee shirts are the same color. You can choose the sashing color from our choices or send us your own special fabric.  The sashing fabric provides more stability to your tee shirt quilt and is more aesthetically pleasing. Sashing is included in the price of your TShirt Quilt.

What is backing and binding?

Backing is the fabric on the side opposite your tee shirts. Binding shows as a one-half inch border around the edge of the entire quilt. You choose the color backing and binding you want from the many colors we have available. We will send you fabric samples upon request. You may also use your own fabric; simply send it in with your shirts. We will provide you with the necessary measurements. Backing and binding are included in the price of your T-Shirt Quilt.

Can you add embroidery?

100% Yes! Almost all of the T-shirt quilts we create include a personalized embroidered name, message, or date. This is a great way to commemorate a special event or personalize a special gift. Embroidery is typically located on the sashing fabric in the bottom right of the t-shirt quilt. We are happy to change the location of the embroidery for you, or make an embroidered t-shirt square. Embroidery is included with the price of your quilt.

Can you make a Photo Quilt?

Yes! We can transfer your photos to a quilt for you. You provide the digital pictures or the original photographs and we will take care of the rest. Add $10 per photo for each photo you would like us to transfer to a new white t-shirt. We provide the t-shirt!
1 picture- 8×10
2 pictures-5×7
4 pictures-4×6

How long does it take to finish a quilt?

We complete each custom t-shirt quilt in the order it is received. Our average turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. This can vary with volume and seasonal demands. If you need your quilt for a special event date please make note of this date or give us a call to discuss your upcoming special occasion.

Can I choose the layout of my t-shirts in the quilt?

Yes. To organize your t-shirts yourself, please print our t-shirt guidelines sheet and attach the numbers to your t-shirts.

What about special requests?

We are happy to accommodate your special requests – just ask!

Can you make a T-shirt quilt out of old clothes, ties, other shirts, boxer shorts, jeans, sweat pants…?

Yes! When selecting them for your T-shirt theme quilt. Remember you can use sweatshirts, socks, boxer shorts, towels, & T-shirts!

Can I wash my quilt?

Yes. Keepsake Theme Quilts are as washable as the materials selected to go in them. T-shirt Quilts made of pre-washed cotton t-shirts can be machine washed with cold water and machine dried.

Do I need to cut my t-shirts for you to make the quilt?

No! Leave the cutting to us. Just send us your clean, whole t shirts and we’ll send back your beautiful Keepsake Theme Quilt. Remember to wash your shirts, so colors don’t bleed.

What if my t-shirts have holes or stains in them?

Stains and small tears can add character the T-shirt quilt, especially if there is a fun story to go along with it! We accept any t-shirt you provide, and are happy to cut around a stain or sew over a hole if you please.

What happens to the scraps from my t-shirts after the squares have been cut?

Depending on the quality of the scraps, we donate or dispose of them for you. If you would like us to save your scraps, we can ship them back with your completed quilt.

“Seasonal Dates and Turnaround Time”

Peak Seasons:
Please allow 6-8 weeks after the time of delivery for your quilt to be completed by your event date. Please also allow time for shipping or pickup.

Graduation: March, April, May
*Due to high volume and varying dates, there is no cutoff for graduation season. However, please keep your event date and our seasonal turnaround time in mind to ensure your quilt arrives by your event.

Christmas: September, October, November 
*Cutoff for Christmas deadline orders is November 15th. We cannot guarantee the completion of your quilt if received after this date.
*We are closed the week of Christmas and New Years. We will resume production the week after the New Year!

5 Things to Remember During Peak Season!!!

  1. Be as detailed as possible (label each item, add notes to specify preference if you have a large graphic or would like to combine multiple shirts or logos. 
    Design your own quilt
  2. Fill out and print if possible, the online order form entirely.
  3. Send only the amount of shirts (clothing items) needed for your quilt size. (12 squares = 12 items) If there are more items sent in and there are no notes to indicate which items are preferred, we will use our best judgment. We will combine as many items as possible to fit everything on one Special Features square of your quilt.
    Special Features Page
  4. Be sure to send in your custom t-shirt quilt order as soon as possible with your event date and our seasonal turnaround in mind. We process each order as it is received, so the sooner we receive it, the sooner we can complete your beautiful t-shirt quilt just in time for your special occasion.
  5. If there is anything you have a question about or anything you are not sure of please give us a call at: 614-238-3323 or toll free 1-800-985-3323 or email us at: info@tshirtquilts.com