Love your T-Shirt Pillow, Blanket, Quilt, or Baby Keepsake? Share your experience and thoughts with us!

Everyone at Kerpsake Quilts was absolutely fabulous!! I had the most wonderful experience and the quality of work truly exceeded all my expectations. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Thank you so much to the staff at Keepsake Quilts for making this special quilt even more special than I imagined it could more
Kris Marvin
Kris Marvin
18:38 06 Apr 18
The quilt was well made and the quality of the fabric and stitching far exceeded my expectation. I gave it to my daughter this past weekend and she absolutely loves it!! Thank you for making such a precious memory!!
Francine Fields
Francine Fields
22:18 19 Apr 18
Exceeded my expectations! Truly amazing. It brought tears to my eyes when I opened the box.
Kaylee Shiveley
Kaylee Shiveley
00:26 12 May 18
The quilt exceeded my expectations!!! What an amazing opportunity to help a great nonprofit while creating a lasting memory of my sons T-shirt’s. I highly recommend!!!!
Samantha Rogers
Samantha Rogers
01:47 20 Feb 18
My daughter absolutely loved the blanket. Turned out even better than I imagined. Definitely recommend
Cj Tate
Cj Tate
23:16 05 Feb 18
Just received my daughter’s quilt made from softball tournament shirts and game jerseys. It looks phenomenal! Thank you!
Staci Reynolds
Staci Reynolds
10:43 24 Jul 18
I had been carrying some of our son’s college t-shirts around with us for 10 years and decided…THIS IS THE YEAR I am going to get these made into a quilt. I looked online and found Keepsake Quilts…called and talked to them about how best to handle the shirts. They recommended a laptop quilt instead. I sent in the shirts, it was back within a week and was beautiful. Fabulous help and service. Our son will appreciate these old more
Suzan Kardong-Edgren
Suzan Kardong-Edgren
16:13 20 Aug 17
My quilt is beautiful! I can’t wait to give it to my son for Christmas! Everyone was so helpful & answered all of my endless questions! And I was kept informed throughout the whole process! I would definitely recommend them! Thanks so much Keepsake Quilts for such a special gift for my son!
Hazel Kulbacki
Hazel Kulbacki
22:27 20 Sep 18
Literally blown away how wonderful my quilt looks. I am so glad I got a second one being made by these same people. I would recommend them to everyone.
Rose Lindberg Maingi
Rose Lindberg Maingi
14:50 21 Sep 18
My quilt was made as a gift for my husband and it was absolutely gorgeous! The quality and workmanship is BEAUTIFUL! I will tell everyone I know how your company has turned years of hard work into a life time of memories that will last forever. A big thank you to everyone who put my quilt together !!read more
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown
20:46 21 Sep 18

Janice C.

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Timothy S.

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Kathy L.

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Virginia D.

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Hollie M.

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