Baby Keepsake Totebag


Baby and toddler clothes hold many special memories and should be cherished for generations to come. Now you can create a one-of-a-kind adorable keepsake for that special baby or toddler in your life using his or her own clothes! Present this as a special gift to a new parent or get one for your own son or daughter.

NOTE: Depending on your items, the squares will be 6.5″, 7.5″ or 8.5.” We are the experts and let us do the work for you!

Preserving the integrity of an item may result in a “special feature” charge of $8.00 per item. 


“I Love You” feature

Show your love with an American Sign Language “I Love You” hand at no charge.
Complimentary color and location will be determined by the Embroidery Specialist.

No Charge!

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