Our signature Keepsake Theme Quilts with Sashing are made of high-quality cotton and/or flannel fabrics and feature quilt sashing, backing, and binding. Sashing added to your quilt shows a 2 inch frame around every t-shirt on the front of the quilt. Sashing especially enhances a t-shirt quilt when many of the t-shirts are the same color. You can choose the sashing color from our many choices or send us your own special fabric.  Sashing is included in the price of your Keepsake Theme Quilt as well as the cost for backing, binding, and a personalized embroidery message.

Our Keepsake Theme Quilts without Sashing are made with high-quality cotton and/or flannel fabrics.  No sashing fabric is used on this quilt. Your t-shirts will touch and will be sewn together. An outside border will be added along with a backing and binding color of your choice. T-shirts, sweatshirts, sports jerseys, and more can be used in your Keepsake Theme Quilt. A polyester batting is used with our custom machine quilting. We include a personalized embroidery message which helps you  to create and commemorate your t-shirt quilt. There is an approximate 3-4 week turnaround period once we receive your t-shirts.

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