You make the memories,
we make the t-shirt quilts.

Custom Handmade TShirt Quilts, TShirt Blankets, TShirt Pillows, & Baby Keepsakes

Take your souvenir t-shirts, sweatshirts, uniform or clothes and turn them into a t-shirt quilt, t-shirt blanket or t-shirt pillow made to last a lifetime!

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Creating your Quilt, Blanket or Pillow is easy to do!

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Ordering is easy, with just 3 steps to turn your t-shirts into a treasured Keepsake made to last.

A few minutes to order and a lifetime to enjoy.

Choose Your Size

Arrange the t-shirts any way you'd like. Choose the product, fabric and colors you want. Include any options or special features like sashing or blocks. Visit our Shopping Guide to learn more about order options.

Pack and Mail Your Shirts

Print out your packing guide and include them with the shirts in a box that fits your shirts. Be sure to track and insure your package to protect them during transit.

Receive Progress Updates

We provide you with photos and updates on the status of your order during production. We produce most orders in 3-4 weeks and always do our best to have gifts ready in time for the day of the special occasion.

Enjoy a lifetime of memories

Whether you're ordering a keepsake for yourself or giving one as a gift, you're sure to enjoy a lifetime of memories. All of our Quilts, Blankets and Pillows are made with the highest quality fabrics and processes.

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Hear what our customers say about us!

Rated 5 stars


My daughter absolutely loves her TShirt lap quilt! She’s turning down the AC so she can cuddle up in it!! And it’s beautifully made and the quilting and craftsmanship is just perfect. Thank you so much! I’m so glad I did it. I waited too long but so happy I went ahead. I’ll highly recommend you all at KTQ Quilts to anyone! What a “keepsake”!

Source: Facebook

Rated 5 stars


Could not be more pleased with my quilt! This is the fourth quilt I have ordered and they have all been incredible! The quality is exceptional and the customer service is always above and beyond. I’m so thankful!!

Source: Direct Response Associates

Rated 5 stars


Thank you so much @tshirtquilts for the amazing work! Love it! Pictures don’t do their work justice. If you ever wanted a T-shirt quilt, they do a phenomal job (this coming from someone who sews!) 14 years of #komen3day walks here! Can’t wait until November when I can get one made with all seven victory shirts from this year! #7citywalker #the3day #60milesin3days #morethanpink #komen #everyonedeservesalifetime

Source: Facebook

Rated 5 stars


I bought a t-shirt blanket for my older son as a graduation gift! My younger son just graduated and he asked if he was going to get one as well …. I was excited that he requested it. All their favorite t-shirt memories in one place, we all love it! Great products, great service. Thank you Keepsake! Sue

Source: Direct Response Associates

We make T-Shirt Quilts and T-Shirt Blankets that last a lifetime. Our mission is to make Quilts that exceed your expectations, every time.

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T-Shirt Blanket Graduation Package

12 T-Shirt Lap size Blanket + 1 T-Shirt Pillow.
Offer Good Until 4/16/19
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