Meet The Team

Meredith “Deaf Initiatives and Keepsake Theme Quilts is the perfect place for me — I love working here.”

Meredith is the Director of Deaf Initiatives. Her background as a small business owner for 17 years gives her the experience needed to successfully oversee the nonprofit organization and its social purpose business. Meredith has bachelor degree in communication from the Ohio University and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Interpreting/ASL Education from Columbus State Community College.

Meredith is the parent of two Deaf adults. In her quest for information and a better understanding of Deafness, she has sought involvement with organizations that serve the Deaf and hard of hearing populations.

Shonna “I really enjoy working at Keepsake Theme Quilts because everyone uses ASL to communicate to each other.  We are  able to share new ideas, solve problems, and discuss about production without communication  barrier. After working  at Keepsake Theme Quilts for a while, my self-esteem increased because my co-  workers respect me and encourage me  with their feedbacks to help me becoming a good team leader.”

Shonna grew up in McKee, Kentucky, and moved to Columbus 9 years ago. She is married and has two sons  and one  stepdaughter. Shonna is the office manager at Keepsake Theme Quilts.

Julia Thompson“I love working for Deaf Initiatives because I can utilize my business administration background while  enhancing my  sign language skills. This is been the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.”

Julia is a graduate of Ohio Dominican University and the ASL Interpreting program at Columbus State  Community College. She is the Financial Manager for Deaf Initiatives.  Julia is a certified interpreter and is  married with two young children.

Judy“One of my friends had asked me to come here to work because I was skilled in sewing. Also because Keepsake  Theme Quilts has Deaf employees, I have fun with them.”

Judy grew up in Painesville, OH and graduated from Ohio School for the Deaf in 1972. She is currently married and  lives in New Albany, Ohio. She has 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren. Judy is the supervisor at Keepsake Theme Quilts.


Kathleen Waters“My friend had talked to me about Keepsake Theme Quilts. It is really very interesting to work here. I really love it.”

Kathleen was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her family then moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa and she graduated from Iowa School for the Deaf. Kathleen has a son and daughter and eight grandchildren. She is now a resident of Columbus,  Ohio and is a Seamstress at Keepsake Theme Quilts.

Kimberly“Sewing is one of my hobbies since middle school. I want to expand my sewing skills, especially with pillows. At Keepsake Theme Quilts, a quilt is unique because it blends in a variety of pattern, color and size. As a result, the finished  quilt looks spectacular! Communication in ASL is a key to keep our “say-say” clear and be able to understand one  another.”

Kimberly is a graduate of Columbus State Community College and has two teenagers. Purple is her favorite color.  Kimberly is a  Production Assistant at Keepsake Theme Quilts.

Shelley“I love working where I can use my ASL. Keepsake Theme Quilts is a special work environment and working for a    non-profit with a unique mission is really exciting!”

Shelly was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio where she still lives today with her husband and two kids. She began   working at Keepsake Theme Quilts after she completed ASL classes at Columbus State Community College.

Terri“I enjoy working here because I developed a sisterhood with my Deaf co-workers. I have never felt discomfort  working here because I can communicate freely with others using sign language.”

Terri grew up in Reynoldsburg, OH and has 2 children. She began working at Keepsake Theme Quilts in 2001 and is  a Support Seamstress.

Christine“I thought that Keepsake Theme Quilts made by their special hands of Deaf Team employees are Awesome! I received this part-time job as a Production Assistant I this month of February 2012. I am so thrilled about working with Deaf team at Keepsake Theme Quilts!”

Christine graduated from the University of Akron and earned a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Applied Arts) in Graphic Art and Design degree in 1993. I learned American Sign Language (ASL) at this university when I was about at age of 20! I was hosting Art and Crafts booths at Ohio DEAFair 2000, 2003 and 2005. A homemaker for my husband of almost twelve years and two boys who adore KODA camp! Volunteering at DSC-Deaf Services Center’s KODA SuperGames and KODA Camp and Activities Assistant in 2011 and present. They have a house pet cat ‘Princess’.

Jessica“I love working here because it is an amazing opportunity to socialize with hard-of-hearing and Deaf workers, plus it helps to improve my sign language skills to communicate with others.”

Jessica was born and raised in a small town in Texas, and is the Marketing Director and Production Coordinator for Keepsake Theme Quilts. She graduated from Columbus State Community College in 2012 with a degree in digital Photography. She is currently attending Franklin University to earn a Bachelor degree in Business Administration.

Jessica and her husband have a 2 year old daughter named Bayleigh. Her favorite hobbies are fishing, hunting, basketball, country-line dancing and volunteering to tutor young children to meet their educational needs.

Danielle“I like working here because it helps me to improve my work skills. I feel comfortable working with Deaf and hard of hearing co-workers. I also learn new things about the Deaf community.”

Danielle is from Blacklick, Ohio and graduated from Northland High School in 2011. She started in KTQ’s Work Experience Model program and was promoted and hired at KTQ staff after the program.

Danielle’s favorite hobbies are basketball, tennis and hanging out with friends.

Debbie“I really enjoy working at KTQ, it is a great working environment and has a family atmosphere.”

Debbie is a seamstress and does custom machine quilting for KTQ. She has been sewing for over 40 years as well as custom machine quilting for over 10 years. She has lived in the Hilliard/Plain City Ohio area all of her life and in her spare time she likes to quilt, knit, grow and can vegetables and visit with my children.

Belma“I like working here because I felt so comfortable to be surrounded with deaf people and easy to communicate each other with using sign language.”

Belma is from Bosnia, but she lives in Worthington, Ohio. She graduated from Northland High School in 2012. She started in KTQ’s Work Experience Model Program and was promoted and hired at KTQ staff after the program.

She loves playing soccer, socializing with her friends and helping others.

Elizabeth“I enjoy working here because I love sewing and it is nice to work with Deaf people that can communicate with using sign language. I love it because I feel so comfortable.”

Elizabeth is from China, but she lives in Columbus, Ohio. She is adopted. She graduated from Northland High School in 2013.

She loves arts and being creative. Elizabeth’s favorite hobbies are Zumba and Crochet.