T-Shirt Quilt Forms

Are you ready to order your Keepsake Theme Quilt with or without Sashing? Here’s where you get started! Click the button below to access our order form, then type directly on the form and print, or print the form first and fill out the information by hand. Here you will also find labels to print for marking your shirts, which will help us make your t-shirt quilt just the way you envisioned it! Lastly, you’ll find our mailing label. Just click, print, and attach to the box containing your t-shirts, deposit, and order confirmation.

  • KTQ-Stadium_Liz
  • Type directly into order form and print
  • OR print and handwrite

Printable Order Form

  • Make sure all shirts are whole and pre-washed.
  • Consider front and back panels.
  • Print “Labels to Mark Your Shirts” and attach to shirts (to let us know if we should use the front, back, both front and back, special features, etc.)
  • OPTIONAL: Number your shirts to design the layout yourself OR leave it up to the experts in our production room, and we can e-mail you a picture of the design on our design wall.

Labels To Mark Your Shirts

Pack shirts, order form and $100 deposit and mail to Keepsake Theme Quilts.

Mailing Label