Ordering is as easy 1…2…3

–To determine the size of the quilt, count the number of shirts you have.


— Please consider if you would like the front only, back only or both front and back in 2 separate squares. Label your shirts by printing our pre-made labels and pinning or taping them to each shirt. Click on the button to print the labels.

Labels To Mark Your Shirts

–We accept t-shirts (dry-fit & tech shirts can be used), sweatshirts, and photos.

PLEASE DO NOT CUT YOUR SHIRTS! Let us do the work for you.

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Special Features you may want to consider….

You can make your t-shirt quilt unique by customizing it with any of the following special features.
Examples of clever ways to incorporate more items include: $8 or $10 per special feature.

List of Special Features

  • A cotton front with a cotton back makes for a lighter-weight quilt.
  • A cotton front with a flannel back makes for a heavier-weight quilt.
  • You may choose either 100% cotton or 100% flannel fabrics.

Select a color:
For the front of your quilt (cotton only)
For the back of your quilt (cotton or flannel)
**No Extra Charge for Flannel fabric**

Cotton and Flannel Fabrics


Have questions? Click at FAQ for more information

  1. Please fill out the order form or order online.
    –Include $100 deposit per quilt
    Credit Cards: Please fill in credit card information on order form or call to pay by phone.
    Check: Please make checks payable to Deaf Initiatives.
    PayPal: Please send payment to info@tshirtquilts.com
  2. Print your completed order form or copy of order confirmation and include in the box of items you send to KTQ.
  3. Box up your items including the $100 deposit and ship to KTQ. We accept USPS, FedEx, UPS and all other shipping methods—please choose whatever is most convenient for you! (Click on the button to print the mailing label).

Order Form Mailing Label

Upon receiving your shirts

  • We will review your order form and shirts, e-mail you to let you know that your order arrived safely and clarify any questions we may have.
  • If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Upon completing your order

  • Our primary method of shipping our orders is with FedEx.
  • You will be receiving your FedEx tracking number through e-mail as soon we ship your quilt.



T-Shirt Blankets LogoWe have a sister company, T-Shirt Blanketsthat has 2 layers and hand-tied with 2 weeks turnaround time. We use 100% polyester fleece.
*Full payment is required.*

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