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Terri and her 5K Run T-Shirt Blanket

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Terri and her 5K Run T-Shirt Project Blanket is a great story that we wanted to share with our customers!   I started running 5ks with my children about 5-6 years ago. I was helping my daughter increase her endurance for soccer. Now, I run 1/2 marathons. So the majority of the t-shirts on the quilt are from the 5ks and a few are …

Aurora’s Runner’s Delight Tee Shirt Quilt

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3/10/2014  Aurora De Lucia was your typical college student. One day she woke up, went to class, not realizing that on that day, her life would be changed forever. One minute Aurora is sitting in class, the next she is on the ground surrounded by paramedics. Aurora was taken to the hospital where she was given various tests to help …