Will Hauver and His Special #34 Quilt

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Lyndall Hauver and her son’s quilt is a wonderful story that we wanted to share with our customers!   I am a mom, a computer geek, and an avid racket player!  The blankets are full of Rollins T-Shirts and Jerseys, plus a few shirts that were near and dear to my son Will, and t-shirts that he designed. Will passed …

The Love Blanket Project!

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OVERVIEW Their mission is simple: They use donated T-shirts to create blankets for those in need. The blankets are donated to hospitals and other organizations in order to provide comfort for children and adults suffering from illness. HOW DOES IT WORK? FIND OUT HERE

Blue Devils High School Quilt

High School

Michelle and her “Blue Devils” quilt is a very inspiring story that we wanted to share with our customers! I grew up in the Cleveland area in the small town, Independence. My husband and I met at Ohio State and have settled in Columbus. We recently were blessed to welcome into our lives our beautiful baby boy! I work right down …

The Lee Family Crawfish Boil Quilt

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The Lee Family Crawfish Boil. or The Krewe of Lee, or the Mardi Gras Fais Do Do, was an annual event at the Lee Family Home in Lafitte, Louisiana, a small community that winds along the banks of the Bayou Barataria. Every Saturday before Mardi Gras for more than forty years (the date varies) it was the place for family and friends …

Northern Kentucky University Softball

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Toni Smith shared a wonderful story about this quilt that she had made for her daughter. Her daughter played softball and started for Northern Kentucky University during her four years there.  She was a pitcher and first base player and set a number of records during her time there.  Her daughter wanted to use the team shirts she collected along …

Jane Hoffman and her Animal Welfare Quilts

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Jane Hoffman is another wonderful customer who has used KTQ to cultivate her love of animals into quilts. She collected all of her favorite t-shirts and had KTQ make several quilts for her over the years. A little background on Jane Hoffman……she is the President of the Alliance for NYC’s Animals, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that offers important services and …

The Stewardship Report – Keepsake Theme Quilts to Launch New Website Featuring 4 Products

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Columbus, OH. Keepsake Theme Quilts (KTQ) today announced the recently launched website to help its customers, enabling KTQ to immediately offer more products to its customers throughout the country. “I just know how important keeping memories of your children are and we wanted to make a keepsake that was affordable and functional, thus the birth of the baby/toddler keepsake,” said …

Paulette Burks and her “Kidney Walk” Quilt

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Paulette Burks and her “Kidney Walk” quilt is a very inspiring story that we wanted to share with our customers!!!     Paulette stated that “My Kidney Walk T-shirt Quilt tells a story centered around my three heroes: William Diggs (Grandfather), David Anderson (Uncle), & Dr. Samuel Collier Sr. (My Boyfriend’s Father). Each of their journeys is different but all …

Greer Craig – Health/Fitness Trainer

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Greer Craig is our featured customer for this week’s blog and she had a very interesting story to share with us. She was a trainer for Atlanta’s Biggest Loser Couples’ competition. She worked with her team, motivating and educating them on how to work out for 12 weeks. But let’s start with her story….. “My teenage passion for running (thanks …