My name is John Kelley, and I am the Head of Human Resources at White Castle – Headquartered here in Columbus Ohio, I have worked at White Castle for 24 years.

Our t-shirts that we had made into a quilt were collected from each of our operating regions where we have restaurants. Earlier this year we had a Leadership conference and each city designed a shirt to represent their region. I collected one from each City and had those made into the quilt. We are going to raffle or auction it off to raise money for Autism – one of our big charities we support.

I chose you to make my quilt for a couple of reasons, The first being your social Enterprise of creating jobs and employing people who are deaf or hard of hearing. It is also great that you are close right here in Columbus!


John Kelley 7958 1 1006x1024 - The White Castle tshirt quilt - tshirt blanket

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