Columbus, OH. Keepsake Theme Quilts (KTQ) today announced the recently launched website to help its customers, enabling KTQ to immediately offer more products to its customers throughout the country. “I just know how important keeping memories of your children are and we wanted to make a keepsake that was affordable and functional, thus the birth of the baby/toddler keepsake,” said Meredith Crane, Executive Director of KTQ.

2014 Staff ByShellee - The Stewardship Report - Keepsake Theme Quilts to Launch New Website Featuring 4 Products tshirt quilt - tshirt blanket

For years, many customers have enjoyed the quality craftsmanship of KTQ products. Each product can be customized to meet each customer’s specific needs and wants. However, many customers had to call or fax to make their orders since the website was very hard to navigate. They recognized the fact that many customers today prefer to do their business over the internet without phone calls.

Following customer feedback and discussions from many people, KTQ put together a website that has been found to be extremely user-friendly and easy to use to place customized orders.  To date, many customers expressed extremely high satisfaction rates in being able to finish an order on their own and receive a wonderful and high quality quilt product of their choice.

Moreover, by choosing Keepsake Theme Quilts to make your quilt, the customer is also choosing a company who gives back to the community through educational support for deaf children and their families. This organization, Deaf Initiatives, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, through its mission-driven social purpose business, Keepsake Theme Quilts (KTQ), creates employment opportunities for Deaf individuals as a path to personal success, financial independence and self-fulfilled lives.

king - The Stewardship Report - Keepsake Theme Quilts to Launch New Website Featuring 4 Products tshirt quilt - tshirt blanket

Dr. Bill Bauer, Professor of Education and Marietta College and a member of the Board of the J. Luce Foundation, also serves as Chair of Deaf Initiatives. Bill told The Stewardship Report:

“It gives be great pleasure to serve on the Deaf Initiates board as its chair. I am in awe of the commitment of these employees that give us utmost dedication and hard work ethic to produce the best quilt products in the United States. There is a unique feeling of “shared ownership” at this place.

I’m proud to be a part of this association. The employees work so hard to create a personal product of extremely high quality with a lot of attention to detail. There many T-shirt quilting companies out there. This is the one that takes pride in developing a unique customer service relationship from the moment the articles arrive at KTQ to the time it is delivered to your home. Our employees give each quilt the unique attention your keepsake deserves – to last for generations to come. There is much pride with each quilt made!”

KTQ was created in 1999 with the innovative idea that this organization exists to hire, train and promote Deaf employees in an environment free from communication barriers that limit Deaf job seekers. The Deaf friendly work environment includes large open rooms, which are essential when using a visual language to communicate and assistive technology for individuals that cannot hear to help facilitate communicate between the Deaf and hearing.

KTQ is unique in that every employee is fluent in the use of sign language, thus removing communication differences as an obstacle to Deaf participation, training, improvement, collaboration, problem solving, promotion and success. Workers are exposed to a small manufacturing and sales business where they participate in product development, gain experience with inventory control, operation of tools and equipment, data entry/computer skills and customer relations.

Keepsake Theme Quilts continues to contribute to our local and national economy through the purchase of related goods and services used throughout the quilting process. KTQ is a company that creates employment for Deaf women through a Columbus-based business converting customers’ personal collection of T-Shirts into beautiful, functional quilts.

What makes Keepsake Theme Quilts unique from its competitors is its Social Mission: To hire, promote and train Deaf and hard of hearing individuals in a work environment free from communication barriers.

Bill Bauer continues:
“Send KTQ:
– Your child’s old baby clothes for a great Keepsake baby quilt that your child will cherish forever.
– Your father or grandfathers work ties for a great memory quilt.
– Your children’s school or age group team sport team t-shirts for a quilt that will last generations.
– Your elementary, middle and/or high school t-shirts.
– Your favorite college or professional sport team shirts.
– Your MIX and MATCH of your choice.
And give KTQ a chance to develop a Keepsake that will start with you during your lifetime and beyond.”

Headquartered in Bexley, OH, Keepsake Theme Quilts is one of the nation’s leading quilt making and design companies specializing in customized theme quilts. Keepsake Theme Quilts brings new life to any customer’s personal collection of T-shirts. “You make the memories, we make the quilt!” Go to for details and/or to order your customized theme quilt today!

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