The Lee Family Crawfish Boil. or The Krewe of Lee, or the Mardi Gras Fais Do Do, was an annual event at the Lee Family Home in Lafitte, Louisiana, a small community that winds along the banks of the Bayou Barataria.

Every Saturday before Mardi Gras for more than forty years (the date varies) it was the place for family and friends to pass a good time and Laissez les bon temps rouler. It always featured a big outdoor Crawfish Boil as well as Jambalaya cooked outdoors in a big cast iron cauldron, plus gumbo, plus you name it. In the early afternoon, the local Krewe of Rosethorne parade went by the house and all the children caught all the parade throws that they could carry. People came and returned year after year and brought friends, who then became regular attendees. At its height it boasted live music and hundreds of partiers, but in recent years, as people grew up and passed on, the party dwindled a bit. A couple of years ago, the last that Mom was still living at the family home, was the last for The Krewe of Lee. The T-Shirts represent the best of those times.

The unofficial last event every year was a Second Line through the back yard around all the family picnic areas and cook out spots, led by my Mom, the Matriarch of the Family. It is her picture, leading the Second Line that graces the majority of the quilt’s squares.

Thank you for giving my Mother, now in her 90s, a daily reminder of those good times with good people And a Thank you for turning a bunch of old t-shirts into a treasured heirloom, and making a dear Matriarch’s Christmas a special one. The work and materials were first class and they help to preserve many cherished memories of many good times.


Alan Lee CrawfishBoil 1024x1005 - The Lee Family Crawfish Boil Quilt tshirt quilt - tshirt blanket

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