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What can you give your graduating senior that’s unique, unexpected and unforgettable? A T-Shirt Blanket Graduation Package is the perfect way to close a successful chapter in the life of a graduating senior.

Ordering a T-Shirt Graduation Package is an incredibly easy and thoughtful way to Marie Kondo all of those school t-shirts and sports uniforms into a Keepsake Theme Quilt or T-Shirt Blanket that can be treasured for a lifetime. Over the last 20 years Graduation season has always been one of the busiest times of the year for us at Keepsake Theme Quilts. We’ve made many special quilts and blankets for school organizations, parents of graduating seniors, and we’re excited to make more this year for the class of 2020!

Our T-Shirt Blanket Graduation Package uses 13 t-shirts to make one lap size blanket and one pillow. This is a great way to turn a collection of t-shirts – or sweatshirts – into a complementary set. Some great blanket ideas we’ve seen include:

High School T-Shirt Blanket: Gather school uniforms, t-shirts with the school mascot, sports team shirts, shirts collected from clubs, camps or events, memorable tees of special events or concerts attended and turn them all into a single blanket that can be brought to college as a way to remember those amazing high school days.

College T-Shirt Blanket: Gather school mascot shirts, athletic t-shirts, Greek shirts, shirts gathered from campus parties and special events, intramural team shirts, spring break and senior trip destination shirts and turn them all into a single blanket that can wrap up some of the most incredible and defining years of life.

Gifts From Parents: We often see parents stealthily collect dirty t-shirts for laundry and send them off to be made into a blanket. Those often receive the biggest surprises at graduation parties and the most exciting reactions. Other parents may choose to order a T-Shirt Blanket Graduation Package and work with their senior to choose a collection of t-shirts that are made and used as a display for at graduation parties.

School Organization Gifts & Fundraisers: We love working directly with schools and clubs, organizations and teams to have T-Shirt Blankets made up as gifts for coaches, to be used as centerpiece displays at graduation or end-of-year events. Compile all of the shirts from the year – or past 4 years – and create a memorable display that can be auctioned or raffled off as a fundraiser or given as a gift to a deserving individual.

We’re excited to see the ideas you’ll have when you order your T-Shirt Blanket from us this spring! We love working with all of our customers to create quilts and blankets that exceed expectations, every time. We have a wide variety of color combinations and options that are sure to complement your school colors and shirts to make a beautiful Keepsake that you can treasure forever. Order a T-Shirt Blanket Graduation package and you can save while giving – or keeping – a treasured gift to remember those school days.

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