T-Shirt Quilts and the KonMari Method make for a  perfect match.  

When you sit down on your sofa or recliner to watch the next Marie Kondo, you’re probably already thinking of ways to organize things in your life. Many of us here at Keepsake Theme Quilts enjoy watching the latest Netflix episode and we enjoy talking about each episode with each other.

One of the main tenets of the KonMari method is keeping only the things that spark the most joy – and finding a place for them. For many of us, t-shirts carry special meaning and spark special memories of a certain time or place in their lives. It’s very hard to downsize our t-shirts when they’re not simply clothes, but special mementos that become more meaningful over time.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped thousands of people clear out their wardrobe collection without getting rid of the things that matter most to them, and turning those items from something that takes up space in a closet or drawer into something useful – like a T-Shirt Quilt, T-Shirt Blanket or T-Shirt Pillow. These blankets can be displayed as decoration, used as bedspreads or to keep you warm when you watch the newest Tidying Up episode. We find many of the episodes to be applicable to the custom products we’ve made.

The first first episode, Tidying With Toddlers, made us think of the Baby Keepsake Quilts that we love making. Our Baby Keepsake Quilts are made from baby clothes, onesies, bibs, blankets, and other clothing items. 24 individual items come together to make one beautiful Keepsake that can contain special memories and moments from the most fleeting time in a child’s life.

The episode about Sparking Joy After a Loss had us talking about the special Memory Quilts that we often receive orders for. Our memory quilts are usually made from the clothing items of a loved one who has passed on. Some people are so well known for their signature clothing items – whether it is a particular flannel shirt or a dress they wore so often. Memory quilts can also mark a person’s achievements and hobbies in life – and compile the shirts they wore when they ran a marathon or the concert they attended.

The Empty Nesters episode was one that we thought resonated with us most. Many times we see parents take the time and initiative to surprise their children and grandchildren with T-Shirt Quilt gifts. It is usually when empty nesters downsize and clean out their adult children’s bedrooms when they find a mountain of high school or college shirts, uniforms, and other clothing items that may not be practical to wear anymore but are very hard to throw out. Many adult children don’t have the space in their lives to keep all of them, so being surprised with a T-Shirt Quilt, T-Shirt Blanket or T-Shirt Pillow is a great way to clean out those mementos without discarding of them.

We’ve really enjoyed Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and we hope you found some inspiration in her show to consider having us help you downsize your shirt collection with a beautiful custom made keepsake that is sure to exceed your expectations – and make Marie Kondo proud.

image - T-Shirt Quilts and the KonMari Method tshirt quilt - tshirt blanket
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Here at T-Shirt Quilts, we've always felt the KonMari method was the perfect way to keep the shirts that bring joy while getting rid of the things that don't.

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