Mary Kaplan is a long time runner — 33 years to be exact — and she has ordered 6 quilts from KTQ!   When her 6th quilt was ready for pick up, she decided to make a special trip to Columbus to meet with the Keepsake Theme Quilt staffs.  The staff had the opportunity to listen to her amazing running stories.  Each T-Shirt held a special memory for her which she described to us.  It was fascinating to hear stories about each T-Shirt that had special meaning to her.
Mary explained why she wanted to make this specific quilt with all the counties from Texas in it.  She stated that there are 254 counties in Texas and to date, she has ran in 204 counties.  This leaves 50 counties that she needs to run in to meet her goal.  She also runs 5K and 10K marathons to keep in shape.


Now keep in mind that not all counties in Texas have a marathon or running event.  Mary and her friends decided to start their own running club so they can all run together and help her meet her goals.  Her current goal is to complete her collection of “ALL counties in Texas marathons T-shirts” and make it into a quilt.  We look forward to keeping in touch with Mary and make that special Texas Counties Marathon Quilt for her!

KTQ staff were so honored to meet her and to take her t-shirt memories and turn them into a Keepsake.  Remember at KTQ, “We treat your memories like they are our own!”



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