Ed’s “Hot Rod” t-shirt theme quilt is a wonderful story that we wanted to share with our customers!

My father had an old 54 Chevy panel circus truck that I bought off of him for a $1 when I was 20. I kept it for a few years, after I got married I started to fix it up. I finished it in 1991, at that time I decided to join a car club called the Valley Cruisers out of Harrisonburg, Virginia which I am still a member of to this day. I still have this vehicle but I also have two other street rods, a 36 Chevy Master and a 65 Comet Convertible.

I have been to 450 car shows since 1992. I enjoy going to car shows on a regular basis. At most car shows, you can buy a t-shirt of their event and these shirts are some of the ones that I have been to. I also have a smaller quilt of hot rod t-shirts that was made in a collage form from a friend.
I chose to use you all because my friend that makes quilts showed me the advertisements that was in a quilting magazine. I liked them so much that I had to get one for myself. I put a picture of my quilt that I had made on my Facebook and have received so many comments and likes on the amazing work that was done.

I really appreciate you all doing a great job on making me a fabulous quilt.

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