Here at Keepsake Theme Quilts, our customers have been their t-shirts and cannot wait to have their t-shirt quilt made, but they are also excited to make space and get rid of the stuff they treasure but no longer wear. Often when we ask our customers if they would like us to return the backs and unused parts of their t-shirts to them, they respond with an enthusiastic “no!” They are so happy to have a reason to get the shirts out of their closets and storage areas that they do not want any part of their shirts back. Here are our best spring cleaning tips, that will help you organize, make room and clean out your closet while creating a new t-shirt quilt. Consider your t-shirt quilt a reward for a spring cleaning job well done.

Access where the problem is:

Is there one area of your closet that is more cluttered or crammed for space? Start there and consider moving these items to an area with more space. If your problem area is a closet packed full of hung clothes, consider if these items would fit better being folded into a dresser.

Make a realistic schedule:

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if your closet is anything like mine, it will take more than a day to completely organize. Try to set small goals that you can accomplish. Today try to go through your t-shirts, tomorrow work on your pants, etc. It is better to make small accomplishments than feel overwhelmed and give up before you begin

Analyze the use:

Next, go though each item and ask yourself:

-Have I worn this in the last year?

-Does it still fit?

-Is it in style?

If you answer ‘no’ to one of the above questions, it is probably time to get these items out of your everyday closet. If you are having trouble getting rid of an item you, it is probably because it has sentimental value, these items are best to use for t-shirt quilt because you get them out of your closet but still keep them on a quilt you can actually use.

Do the hanger or post-it trick:

If you are having a hard time pulling items out of your closet, or continue to justify keeping it, this is a good trick for you.

-The hanger trick: Put all of your hangers facing backwards in your closet, as you wear things, hang them and put them facing forwards. At the end of the month, take a look at the items still facing backwards. If you didn’t wear them in a month, you probably won’t wear them anytime soon.

-The Post-it trick: put a post it on each of your folder items in drawers. Take the post it off when you wear the item. At the end of the month, look at the items you didn’t wear and remove them from the drawer.

Check for duplicates and repeated colors:

We all have a favorite color. Often, this color shows in your closet. Look through your t-shirts and make piles based on color. If you have 20 grey t-shirts, and 3 of every other color, it might be time to cut back on the grey. You don’t want to wear the same color every day, so add some variety by getting rid of your go-to colors. Set aside 5 or so shirts from your favorite color pile, and use them for your t-shirt quilt. Keep an eye out for duplicates or shirts that look very similar. I didn’t notice how many of my “OSU Buckeye shirts” were so similar, so I kept my 3 favorites, and put the other 3 into my t-shirt quilt.

We hope these tips help clear out some of your closet space, and bring your one step closer to a beautiful t-shirt quilt. If you finish these steps and are ready to have your t-shirt quilt made, click on the ‘shop’ tab and start designing your quilt!

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