“Seeing it brought tears of pride and joy to her eyes.  She gathered it into her arms and hugged it.”
– Connie King

“My son did not know I used his basketball shirts for his quilt so I wasn’t sure how he would react.  When he saw the quilt he had a huge smile and then began to cry.  His reaction was priceless.”
– Monica Mahoney

“The quilt was amazing.  KTQ kept me informed of the status of my quilt throughout the process.  Fabulous organization!”
– Lissa Perrone

“I gave this quilt to my daughter as a high school graduation gift.  She absolutely loved!  Now her friends want one too.”

“What a great concept with such great quality execution, and mission.”

“KTQ customer service is outstanding.  I feel like I was an active participant in the construction of my son’s quilt.”

“OH…Thank you…Thank you…the communication with you has been fantastic!! I know I made the right decision in this company for this task. Thank you so much for everything!! I will be recommending you to anyone thinking of doing this!”
– Leah

“The packing of my quilt was beautiful.”
– Kate

“Keep doing what your doing!  From the moment I sent you my “Treasures” until I received my finished quilt.  You were a class act. thank you!”
– Marianne

“Awesome, Totally Awesome. Much better than a class ring.”
– Mathew

“If you had a category for “breathtaking” I would check it.”
– Jacquelyn

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the task of creating my family memento. Every aspect of the process of making my t-shirt quilt was top of the line. Thank you!” 
– Joann

“When I’m feeling really low I can wrap myself in my accomplishments and memories and feel so much better. It’s the warmest quilt I have.” 
– Erin

“The t-shirt quilts, as a high school graduation gift, represented each of my twin boys perfectly! The craftsmanship was beautiful. They will be treasured for years to come!” 
– Randy

“I gave my daughter her t-shirt quilt on her 18th birthday. Her expression was priceless!” 
– Patricia

“I am well satisfied with my keepsake tee shirt quilt and would recommend you to anyone. A job well done and worth every penny!” 
– Jenifer

“This t-shirt quilt holds memories and stories from events that make me who I am.”
– Susan

“I teared up as soon as I saw the T-shirt quilt bc it is so beautiful. My husband and I are both amazed every time we look at it. So much love went into it! Thank you!”

“It’s not just a beautiful keepsake T-shirt quilt – it’s the joy of knowing the money supports hearing impaired young people!”

“My T-shirt quilt is so beautiful!!! When I opened it, I just held it and rocked and cried and knew I was holding my baby James. I could still smell him on the t-shirts and it was a good feeling. Thank you so much!

“How can one improve upon perfection!
– Cheryl
Bexley, OH

“I just wanted you to know how excited we are by the T-shirt quilt we received not only because it highlights the many initiatives we have been involved in, but also because it supports employment opportunities for those whose talents are often over looked. Thanks for making it all possible.”
– The First Lady of Ohio
Hope Taft

“Received the t-shirt quilt today. I got goose bumps when I opened the box. It is so beautiful and holds so many memories. Thank you so much for such a special gift to share with my daughter!!”
– Linda
Brevard, NC

“The quilt is here and is so beautiful… brace yourself for new orders. I’m having a T-shirt quilt warming party in August to show it off. It is perfect…even more wonderful than I imagined.”
– William
Canton, OH

“The perfect gift. The perfect ordering experience. It’s been a long time since I’ve received this type of service and quality!”
– Rebecca
Wheaton, IL

“My family and I will treasure this beautiful T-shirt quilt forever. It is truly a “keepsake” in every sense of the word!!”
– Jeanne
Reynoldsburg, OH

“Hi – not only did I get the t-shirt quilt, I LOVE it! It is great looking and very well made – I’m impressed and already have it in our guest room as a focal point.”
– Joe
Raleigh, NC

“This is a keepsake I will always cherish. I really appreciate how you kept me informed throughout the process of making the T-shirt quilt.”
– Kelly
Houston, TX

“The personal attention was excellent – I felt a part of the project throughout! I was very happy with the results and would recommend Deaf Initiatives to anyone and everyone!”
– Priscilla
Blacksburg, VA

“We just wanted to thanks you for the beautiful quilts you put together for Jeremy and Jason. They both will be off to college within a month, and these memory covered quilts are going with them. I have enclosed pictures to show you the enthusiasm and excitement of the twins. The boys have a sister in high school, so we will look forward to doing business with you again!”
– Marlys

“Seeing the finished quilt I was reduced to tears… tear of emotion and memories and amazement at the workmanship and care of those who produced such a treasured gift.”
– Carol

“Our quilt was beautiful. The stitching was precise and delicate, the embroidery was professionally done, and the color selections for the back were varied. We loved how it turned out!”
– Lisa

“This quilt was a high school graduation gift for our daughter. It had it’s desired effect… immediate tears of joy over a quilt that holds priceless memories. We can’t thank you enough!” 
– Cheryl

“I am amazed by the organization, care, and dedication that went into this quilt. From the arrival of the quilt at KTQ, to its return to me, the process was perfect.” I was able to see an initial design and follow my package through UPS.”
– Wendi

“It’s a wonderful keepsake to take to college to remind your child of where they came from and how much they are loved. A little piece of home while they are away!” 
– Kathy

“I presented my son his quilt after graduating from high school. Needless to say, he was speechless as was everyone else that was in attendance.” 
– Connie

“I got a great quilt for a fair price with outstanding customer service. What a great organization!”
– Chuck

“Before ordering, I knew the quilt would be top-quality, yet it was even more beautiful then expected!!”
– Nan

“Participation on a collage crew team was a very exciting time in my life, providing great memories and friends I have still not let go of. This beautiful quilt has achieved the peace of mind and closure of a valuable time in my life.”
– Kristin

“This Keepsake will be passed on from generation to generation.” 
– Carol

“Great communication, the quality care with which the quilt was made is more than satisfying. I will recommend you to all my friends and family.”
– Gail

“Nothing could have been done better. You brought out the best of my shirts, and I feel I’m getting so much more out of them.”
– Teresa

“The most perfect way to celebrate a life and say I love you.” 
– Anne

“The quilt is obviously of high quality and made with TLC.”
– Becky

“The quilt took my breath away. I couldn’t have asked for anything more beautiful and memorable! This treasure will bring many years of happiness for my daughter and her family. Thanks so much” 
– Patricia

“I have worked with Deaf Initiatives on 3 occasions over the years for all of my marathon t-shirts. The service and quality they provide has always been excellent. Plus it’s helping a good cause.” 
– Vincent

“Above and beyond my expectations- brought back many great memories for both my boys!” 
– Mona

“The quilt turned out much better than I ever could have expected. This is the best souvenir that my daughter can have for all of her hard work.” 
– Sue

“Not only is my quilt special because it has 4 years of college memories, it’s unique because it was made with love by equally special and unique people.” 
– Lauren

“What a magnificent, one-of-a-kind work of art! Thank you for memorializing my son’s High School band years.” 
– Sarah

“This t-shirt quilt is beautiful- a perfect way to commemorate my son’s school experience from kindergarten to college!”
– Dorothy

“I was so impressed with the beauty-quality of my quilt. The communication by e-mail was outstanding! I can’t wait to have another one made!”
– Tara

“I was expecting something nice, but the quilt is AMAZING! Great Job! Thanks!” 
– Aleks

“The quilt is BEAUTIFUL, ordering process easy, and a great way to display the t-shirts you don’t wear anymore.” 
– Brett

“When I opened the box, I wanted to cry because it was so beautiful! Thank you for all the care and effort you put into it.”
– Lee

“Words cannot express how pleased we are with the finished product. Please express my sincere gratitude to all those involved on the quality of the product you produce as well as the timely method.” 
– Connie

“We were overwhelmed when we opened the box and saw the finished product! Pictures do not do the quilt justice- it’s phenomenal.” 
– Lori

“For teenage boys to be impressed with ANYTHING (especially a handcraft), you know it’s great!” 
– Wendy

“Seeing my son’s reaction on receiving his memory-filled t-shirt quilt made me so glad that I did this and chose Deaf Initiatives to make it happen.” 
– Marsha

“The final product was better than anything I had imagined. Absolutely perfect!” 
– Lara

“When I saw the quality of the quilt from Deaf Initiatives, I knew I couldn’t come close to duplications it myself.” 
– Nancy

“We were flattered by the quality. Old worn t-shirts looked new. The quality, workmanship and embroidery were outstanding.”
– Megan

“It is wonderful to see t-shirts that were stuffed in a drawer be made into such a work of art!” 
– Elizabeth

“It’s more beautiful than I imagined! I love the layout!” 
– Pat

“Your craftsmanship skills are very impressive as well as your attention to detail. You put the same amount of love into my quilt as if you were a close friend or my grandma.” 
– Lauren

“The quilts were given to my sons for Christmas. They opened them at the same time and were truly surprised and excited by the quilts, so many memories, and such quality workmanship. They will always treasure them.”
– Kay

“I am so happy I saw your website. Something wonderful for me and something wonderful for Deaf Initiatives!”
– Mona

“An awesome t shirt quilt, everything we hoped for to retain precious memories.”
– Andy

 “Heartfelt joy to see T-shirts earned over years (and miles run), memorialized and put together into a beautiful quilt”
– Amanda

“The quilt I ordered turned out beautifully; I would use Keepsake Theme Quilts again!  Additionally, I was very impressed with the attention to detail and specific interest that KTQ took while ensuring they delivered the best results for the t-shirts I sent them – they were careful and conscientious of the significance of the product.”
– Alexis

“We were so impressed with the quality of work and how beautiful it is. I could not have asked for a more special gift.”
– Anna

“The quilt is amazingly beautiful. The colors were vivid, fabric cozy, and the t-shirts share a lifetime of memories. I am very pleased to know it benefits individuals with hearing differences.”
– Jane

“Absolutely LOVE IT! It’s more than I expected. Quality is exceptional- Now everyone wants one!” 
– Clare

“I’m thrilled with my t-shirt quilt! It’s a great comfort to me. Wrapping myself in it is like a hug from my son!” 
– Kelly