Customer Appreciation

10% off ALL military Quilts/Blankets – Please mention this on your order form.

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The highest compliment our customers can give is the referral of their friends and family.

Here at Deaf Initiatives, we are dedicated to producing quality workmanship on each order that comes through our doors. We love it when a customer is so satisfied with their beautiful t-shirt quilt that they share the Deaf Initiatives name and finished product with their friends and family. It is due to dedicated customers like you that Deaf Initiatives is able to continue our mission to “hire, train and promote Deaf individuals in a productive work environment free from communication barriers, where they produce unique, quality
T-shirt Quilts which exceed the customer’s expectations.”

To personally show our appreciation, we would like to give you with this beautiful I Love You (ILY) tote bag/quilt! The ILY is a common hand gesture used in the Deaf community that means “I love you.”

When one person you refer to us  place an order, you will receive an
“I Love You” hand totebag for free!

We keep track!


When 5 people you refer to us place a quilt order, you will receive a
lap size T-shirt Project blanket for free!

We keep track!


If you have ordered 3 or more blankets/quilts with us…

We keep track!


If you have ordered 10 or more blankets/quilts with us…

We keep track!