Ordering Process

How to order:

For online ordering please click here OR follow the steps below

1. Fill out form:

Print Your Order Form

  • Type directly into order form and print
  • OR print and handwrite

2. Select T-Shirts for your quilt

  • Consider front and back panels
  • Make sure all shirts are whole and pre-washed

3. Design Your Quilt


  • Print T-shirt layout guidelines and attach to shirts (to let us know if we should use the front, back, both front and back, special features, etc. )
  • OPTIONAL: Number your shirts to design the layout yourself OR leave it up to the experts in our production room, and we can e-mail you a picture of the design on our design wall.

4. Make deposit of $100 or pay full amount using any of the below methods:

    • Include $100 check with your order, payable to Keepsake Theme Quilts
    • Write your credit/debit card information on the printed order form

5. Pack shirts, order form and $100 deposit check and mail to Keepsake Theme Quilts

Click Here to Print Mailing Label

For Questions please call 1-800-985-3323 or e-mail KTQ@TShirtQuilts.com