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“The perfect gift. The perfect ordering experience. It’s been a long time since
I’ve received this type of service and quality!”

– Rebecca from Wheaton, IL

To hire, train and promote Deaf and hard of hearing individuals in a work environment free from communication barriers.
We started making high quality t-shirt quilts in 1998 and have grown in business every year since. We often receive praises from our customers that share our name with friends and family.
You are kept informed of our progress with e-mail updates and accessible customer service.
Over 200+ years of sewing experience and more than 8,250 quilts made in 16 years.
Don’t take our word for it, check out our customers’ reaction page where customers rave about our quality!
We only use 100% cotton, flannel and fleece fabrics on our t-shirt quilts! -Only the best!Request Sample Packet and Information
To Produce unique, quality T-Shirt Quilts which exceed the customer’s expectations.


Your T-shirts, one amazing quilt, one price. Pricing includes all materials, fabric, custom machine quilting and personalized embroidery to commemorate your quilt. Number of shirts is based on 15” squares (12.5″ squares for Runner’s Delight only).
Keepsake Theme Quilts: 4 weeks from the day we receive your box
Express T-shirt Quilts: 3 weeks from the day we receive your box
T-shirt Project: 2 weeks from the day we receive your box
You will love your t-shirt quilt!